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First Aid International is a leading provider of first aid training solutions and qualifications worldwide.
Our aim is to provide a complete training solution for anyone who wishes to deliver first aid training.

We specialise in train the trainer programmes and provide a full package of training materials and technical support so you can deliver high quality training experiences for your staff or clients.

Our first aid training solution is sufficiently adaptable to be used by all organisations from large corporate entities who wish consistent, cost effective first aid training across multiple sites to the small training facilities catering for the needs of small and medium businesses.

Our first aid training programmes are used to great effect in charities, national
and international government and educational establishments.

Where appropriate we seek approval by national stakeholders such as the Health and Safety Executive and Health and Safety Executive (Northern Ireland), we are approved by the Department of Labour in Hong Kong and in Dubai the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services approve our training system.

first aid training

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